Vehicle TypeAll terrain personal transport
ArmamentsLight ribbon
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

The Snowmobile is a heavily modified Light Cycle design used in TRON: Uprising. It is generally used to navigate rough terrain, like that of the Outlands. It has all the capabilities of standard light cycles, can quickly overtake a light crawler and even outrun recognizers. A snowmobile has treads over its wheels, and its back wheel is much larger than the front. This vehichle works much like a real world bike: a wheel turning the chain, activating the other wheels to move the vehicle. The snowmobile made its first appearance in Beck's Beginning, when Tron used one to overtake Beck, blocking and derezzing Beck's light crawler with its light ribbon. The snowmobile also made an appearance in We Both Know How This Ends, when Able and Tron used one to escape from a gridbug swarm; Able, driving back to the garage with it alone, later told Beck to return it to its owner.

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