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Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorRed
Other information
EquipmentIdentity Disc, Staff
VehiclesLight Cycle, Recognizer
AlliesClu 2
Black Guards
Out of universe information
ActorDean Redman (Light Jet Sentry)

Rob Daly (Lead Sentry)

AppearancesTRON: Legacy
TRON: Evolution
TRON: Betrayal

A Sentry is a modified system monitor security program tasked with maintaining order in Clu's regime. They wear standard black garb with red circuitry, and have black visored helmets with an open lower face below the visor. Aside from an Identity Disc, each Sentry is also armed with a Staff.

There are two Sentry variants that appear in TRON: Evolution, along with the regular Sentries. One is the Heavy Sentry, a slow moving sentry that wears thick armor and carries a large shield. They can preform a devastating attack by slamming their shield into the ground. The other is the Scout Sentry, which wears lighter armor and has a sail-like attachment on their back. Scout Sentries are quick, and attack by using a hit-and-run strategy.

Sentries commonly use recognizers for transportation and surveillance.



In the first chapter of TRON: Evolution, the sentries, then known as System Monitors, were allies and were found guarding key points around the city. Several were guarding the entrance to the ceremony of peace between ISOs and Basics. The ceremony was interrupted when the virus, Abraxas, arrived. Clu ordered three sentries to arrest him but they were derezzed by the virus. To stop the virus advancing further, Clu ordered a lone remaining sentry to sever the stage bridge, but he too was derezzed. Clu was saved with the timely arrival of Anon.

Clu's sentries continued to fight against those programs infected by Abraxas, despite the fact that the virus had a clandestine purpose of Clu's design. Anon, who was thought to have been infected, was forced to fight against many sentries.


In TRON: Legacy, sentries were assigned to capture programs to build an army for Clu. It seems that most of the programs captured were repurposed into new sentries. Those that weren't were assigned to the games where sentries would simply escort them to the arena and certain deresolution. The lead sentry administering the selections simply used the words, "Rectify!" and "Games!" to assign programs to their fate.

A quartet of sentries joined Clu to form a five-program team of light cycle riders pitted against Sam's team on the Light Cycle Grid. These sentries wore a different style of helmet than the common foot patrol sentries, very similar to the helmets of the opposing team although the sentries had darkened visors. These sentries gained the initial advantage, but were ultimately all derezzed when Sam rallied his team to combine efforts against the isolated sentries.

When Quorra suggested to Sam Flynn that he should find Zuse to reach the Portal, he took his father's light cycle to Tron City, which was crawling with sentries. One sentry stationed in a guard tower at the end of the bridge leading into the city, and two others were seen arresting a program. Sam drove into an alley and gave the light cycle to a program he found there, who distracted the two remaining sentries on the street. Also when Gem and Sam Flynn approached the End of Line Club's tower, two sentries were seen talking with other programs at the elevator that lead to the club.

A lone sentry provided a brief insight into the base nature of this program type when Kevin Flynn stole up behind one with a view to hijacking a nearby Light Jet. Flynn accessed the sentry's code via the identity disc on its back, effectively patching its code. The sentry was initially obstinate and insisted that Flynn was not authorized to access the Light Jet, whereupon he responded by thumping the program on the helmet. With Flynn's patch having taken effect, the sentry then advised him to watch his step and allowed him to pass.

When Clu was derezzed by Flynn, a large explosion enveloped Clu's ship and destroyed it, derezzing Clu's invasion force of sentries.

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