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Sea of Simulation

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Sea of Simulation
Geographical information
RegionTron system
Points of InterestThe Portal
Other information
DesignerKevin Flynn
Behind the scenes
TRON: Betrayal
TRON: Legacy

The Sea of Simulation is a part of the Tron system that is a giant digital ocean with patches of barren wasteland, mountains and other treacherous terrain. In the newer version created after 1983 the sea forms a protective division between Tron City and Kevin Flynn's exit portal. This was purposefully done as a safety measure to help prevent stray programs from escaping the system.


In 1982, the Sea of Simulation had digital "bubbles" or spheres that slowly floated upward, which could be hazardous for vehicles flying through the sea. Another hazardous element the sea has are the gridbugs, insect-like creatures which could cause glitches in the system.


In 2010, as Kevin Flynn and his two younger companions made their escape from the system, their damaged Light Jet fought off six smaller light jets over the Sea of Simulation. The battle left several Black Guards and Rinzler plunging into the depths.

TRON Betrayal

In the graphic novel TRON Betrayal, it was from the Sea that the ISOs first manifested within the system, emerging en masse. Their rapid growth, however, was soon halted after Clu 2 secretly had a unit of guards poison the sea with a digital infection to stop new ISOs from forming.


  • In the Tron system, the Sea of Simulation is located past the Outlands beyond Tron City.

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