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{{Toy Infobox
{{Toy Infobox
|image= [[File:4136Qig-BtL._SL500_AA300_.jpg|250px]]
|image= 4136Qig-BtL._SL500_AA300_.jpg
|company= [[Spin Master]]
|company= [[Spin Master]]
|release= 2010
|release= 2010

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4136Qig-BtL. SL500 AA300
Sam Flynn Core Figure
CompanySpin Master
Release Year2010
SeriesCore Figures: Wave One
AccessoriesDisplay base
Identity Disc
Based OnSam Flynn

The Sam Flynn Core Figure was released by Spin Master as part of their first wave of TRON: Legacy action figures. As with the other core figures, he features battery operated lighting and comes with an Identity Disc-shaped display base. Sam Flynn also comes with a Baton and Identity Disc accessories.


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