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{{Toy Infobox
{{Toy Infobox
|image= [[File:201512.jpg|250px]]
|image= 201512.jpg
|company= [[Spin Master]]
|company= [[Spin Master]]
|release= 2010
|release= 2010

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Rinzler Deluxe Figure
CompanySpin Master
Release Year2010
SeriesDeluxe Figures
Accessories2 Batons
Double baton
2 Identity discs
Based OnRinzler

The deluxe Rinzler action figure is part of the Spin Master series one deluxe figure collection. It has the highest number of accessories of the deluxe action figures; 2 batons, an orange Sword, 2 Identity Discs, and a double baton. Interestingly, the toy does not have the same circuitry as Rinzler from the movie.

Special Features

  • Unlike other deluxe figures, Rinzler does not speak or have an Impulse Projection face. However, he does have a light up feature.

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