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Ring game

The Ring Game is a game that can be found on the Game Grid and is usually played by programs in gladiator style matches. It is also known as Hyperball.

The object of the game is to throw an energy ball at an opponent by using a cesta connected to the arm of the program and hit the rings of the platform that the opponent program is standing on. If the energy ball hits one of the rings, the rings disappears and if the program is not careful, he or she can fall through the gap and fall to their deresolution (death). The game is very similar to Jai alai, although with the ball thrown to the ceiling instead of a wall.

Crom Derezzed

Crom Derezzing after falling during the Ring game

During the dictatorship of the MCP, the ring game was used to eliminate the programs that still believed in the users. As a result, Sark, the MCP's right-hand program, made Flynn play this game against Crom, another conscript. The most notable player is Kevin Flynn.

In video games

The ring game appears in TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids under the name Hyperball, which in some versions use hexagonal-tiled platforms that derez after a few hits instead of a series of rings.

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