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Title screen

Renegade Strike is an action/adventure game on Disney XD's website that is based on the events of TRON: Uprising. In the game, you are the renegade Beck and you must defeat waves of General Tesler's Guards, Black Guards, and Sentries. Once the five levels have been beaten, survival mode is unlocked. Hordes of enemies rush you and you fight until you are derezzed.

The game is played from a bird's eye view, looking down on the characters from above.

Alternate versions of the game can be played on chapter three and chapter five of the Disney website's version of Beck's Beginning .


  1. Purgos Alley
  2. Jail Cells
  3. Coliseum
  4. Tesler's Palace
  5. Tesler's Throne Room
  6. Survival Mode


  • Guard - Fairly easy to derez. They walk toward you with their staffs.
  • Sentry - Like Guards but are much harder to derez.
  • Black Guard - Sentries that throw discs at you. Fairly easy to derez.
  • Paige - First boss fight. Throws disc and kicks you.
  • Pavel - Second boss fight. Throws disc and runs at you.
  • Tesler - Third and final boss fight. Throws disc, launches arms and dodges disc attacks.

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