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You're a... guest of the Master Control Program.
Ram closeup
Biographical information
UserRoy Kleinberg
Derezzed Date1982
Physical description
Circuitry ColorBlue
DescriptionBlue-circuited program; standard apparel for programs on the Game Grid
Other information
FunctionsActuarial program
EquipmentIdentity Disc
VehiclesLight Cycle
AlliesTron, Flynn, Crom
Out of universe information
ActorDan Shor


Ram was an actuarial program who "worked for a big insurance company" before being captured by the MCP and forced to play on the Game Grid. While held captive, he met Tron and became one of his friends. He was created by ENCOM programmer Roy Kleinberg.

While involved in the games, Ram evolved beyond his original programming into quite a proficient gamer. Though not quite at the level of Tron, Ram expressed a fair amount of confidence in his abilities, much to Flynn's amazement while they were held in detention between contests. Personality wise, Ram is very laid back and disarming. He did take great pride in his work as an actuarial program, remarking that it gave him a great feeling helping people plan for their future needs, Kevin Flynn thought the sentence was strange.

After escaping the Light Cycle game grid with Tron and Flynn, Ram and Flynn were hit by a Light Tank. Flynn moved the injured Ram to a type of game grid junk yard and into what was left of a Recognizer. When Flynn reconstructs a recognizer, Ram asks if he is a user. A little later, after Flynn revealed himself to be a user, Ram asked him to help Tron before transferring all of his remaining energy into Flynn and finally derezzing.

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