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|image = Tronuprising1.jpg
|image = Tronuprising1.jpg
|gallery= False
|gallery= False
|region = The [[Grid]]
|region = [[Grid|The Grid]]
|points =
|points =
|designer = [[Kevin Flynn]]<br>[[Clu 2]]
|designer = [[Kevin Flynn]]<br>[[Clu 2]]

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Geographical information
RegionThe Grid
Other information
DesignerKevin Flynn
Clu 2
OwnersGeneral Tessler
Clu 2
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

In Purgos, you can't trust anyone.


Purgos is a location in TRON: Uprising. Originally a boom town settlement of Argon City, it eventually descended into notoriety and became home to numerous criminals on the Grid.

Tron and Beck visited Purgos in an attempt to recover Beck's stolen identity disc. Their search took them from lowly streets to spacious apartments, demonstrating that Purgos is home to varying degrees of social strata, although criminal elements were evident even among the privileged residents of the area.
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