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Progress bar

The Primary data stream inside the Progress Bar. This is where Thorne and his corrupted Z-Lots will later enter and attempt to kill Ma3a.

The Progress bar is one of the many locations in Tron 2.0. Jet Bradley and Ma3a , after escaping Encom's old mainframe, EN12-82 , proceed to the internet. They seek out the help of a compiler to compile the Tron Legacy Code . Upon finding one who was unable to help, it was suggested that they visit the Progress Bar to find a high-level compiler. Upon entering, Jet finds that the compiler is busy, and has a growing queue of requests.

Jet speaks to the current customer, who says "What kind of low-sample junk is the Deejay playing?" Starting off a miniature quest for Jet. Jet proceeds to speak to DJ.exe who tells him to "do me a favor, pro. Ask around, pick up the vibe." Jet does as he is instructed and successfully distracts the compiler's customers. Jet and Ma3a proceed to have the Legacy Code compiled into Ma3a. While the code is being compiled, Jet recieves a call request from his father , under the name Guest. By the time his father warns him not to compile the code, however, Thorne and an army of Z-lots enter and attempt to capture Ma3a. Jet holds them off until the end of the procedure, and Ma3a rolls out of the compiler and becomes the human-shaped User Hunter that the code turned her into.

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