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Procedurals are found in Tron 2.0. They are used to convert memory and subroutines into a usable form. By upgrading the processor, they will get faster.


When the player gets hit by a ball type weapon some of their memory gets corrupted and cannot used to place subroutines in memory sockets. These can repaired by pulling the fragged memory block into the de-fragger. It takes several seconds to finish the work. After it's done the memory socket can used again. (If the de-fragger is not finished yet the memory can't used)


Some enemies drop subroutines when they derez. If these are downloaded they can't used instantly. Instead the player must use the port procedural in order to be used. Like the other two, it takes some time to use. When it's finished the unusable subroutine will get converted into a usable form and it gets indentified. Now they can be placed in memory sockets.


If the player downloads subroutines from somewhere, theres a chance, that the subroutine is infected with a virus. This can cause the subroutine to work on a lower quality or does not even work. This is unnocicable by the player. Using the sanitize procedural players can get rid of the virus. There's a subroutine callad virus-scan. It's obtainable in the very early stages of the game. It detects viruses. On alfa level it warns the player, that, a virus is on the place they want to download from, but doesn't say which subroutine is infected, so it's a good idea to sanitize every subroutine downloaded. On beta level it will exactly tell the player which is infected. On gold level the virus-scanner will automatically sanitize the downloaded subroutines and they no longer require manual sanitizing. Until a player can aquire a virus-scaner, it's a good idea to sanitize every subroutine before use, since the infection can spread. (note:an infected virus-scanner can't indentify a virus)

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