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Power upgrade weapon
UsagePower enhancement weapon
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

The power upgrade weapon is a device created by Shaw. When attached to a program's identity disc, the weapon gives them a huge burst of energy which enhances their combat skills at the cost of their sanity.

Programs powered up by the weapon display red-tinted eyes and vastly increased strength and agility, effortlessly defeating unprecedented numbers of highly skilled opponents in battle. Side effects of the weapon's use include heightened aggression and addiction to the power it provides, perhaps corrupting anyone who uses it.

The weapon is highly durable, requiring a beam from a high-powered energy welder to damage it. Once broken, however, it is able to regenerate and repair itself, even without access to a power source; this makes it a very difficult threat to neutralize.


  • The weapon's corrupting influence, addictive side-effect, and inability to be destroyed by conventional means recall the One Ring from the Lord of the Rings franchise; Elijah Wood, the voice of Beck, is featured in the film trilogy as the conflicted bearer of the Ring. The episode also recalls a darker form of the main character of The Legend of Spyro video game series, which likewise featured Elijah Wood.

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