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*Pavel serves a similar role to Tesler as [[Jarvis]] did to Clu and he, much like Jarvis, bungles up very often. Unlike Jarvis, though, Pavel secretly despises his superior and actively plots to undermine him.
*Pavel serves a similar role to Tesler as [[Jarvis]] did to Clu and he, much like Jarvis, bungles up very often. Unlike Jarvis, though, Pavel secretly despises his superior and actively plots to undermine him.
*Pavel "loves fireworks" (as in things burning).
[[Category:Minor Characters]]
[[Category:Minor Characters]]

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My, my, my how the mighty have fallen!"
Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorRed
Other information
EquipmentIdentity Disc
Power upgrade weapon
Missile Launcher
Light Boat
Light Jet
AlliesGeneral Tesler
Out of universe information
ActorPaul Reubens
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

Pavel is a supporting character in TRON: Uprising voiced by Paul Reubens. He is General Tesler's second-in-command and holds the same rank as Paige, whom he considers his rival for Tesler's favor.


Pavel, like Paige, was present at Tesler's side during the takeover of Argon City. Things were going fine until the young renegade Beck rebelled against Clu's rule and destroyed a new statue of the ruler to start his revolution. Tesler ordered Pavel and four recognizers to begin searching the Outlands for the fugitive, although their search turned up nothing.

Later, when Beck and another program named Cutler were fighting in the Games and defeating all enemies, General Tesler said they were "too good". Pavel then suggested, in a manner antagonistic to Paige, that the two programs be pitted against each other in a fight to the death. Cutler then forfeited and Tesler, at Paige's suggestion, ordered Beck to be let free and Cutler transported to Argon Square where he would be derezzed. Pavel noticed something wrong when the recognizer Cutler was being held in began to change directions; Beck, disguised as Tron, had taken control of it and was saving Cutler. Livid and afraid of losing Tesler's favor, Pavel shrieked at the Light Copters to shoot the Recognizer down, but Cutler, with the help of Beck, escaped anyway. Paige then chided him, saying, "Looks like I have to clean up your mess...again." Pavel also received a scowl from Tesler.

Later, Tesler's lieutenant had a chance to redeem himself following Paige's failure to bring in Beck and Cutler, who were now on Light Boats. Pavel boarded the escapees' Light Boat but was kicked off almost immediately, at which point he floated in the water, waiting to be picked up by Tesler in his Light Boat.

When Paige, following a Light Jet battle with the Renegade, was marooned on a destabilized, derezzing island, Pavel deliberately abandoned her there and led the rest of the jets away. Tesler himself later piloted a Light Copter to the island to rescue her, scolding Pavel for underestimating her ability to survive; but when Pavel expressed relief at seeing her safe, she replied cuttingly that she doubted his sincerity.

Following the theft of an experimental weapon, and a subsequent attack against Tesler himself, Pavel hatched a plan to use innocent programs as hostages in order to draw out the renegade. He then went to Able's garage and proclaimed that the garage and everyone in it belonged to the government. Beck infiltrated the garage and went into a laser welder to destroy the weapon but Pavel sneaked in and stole it before it was destroyed. Docking it on his disc, he then engaged the renegade in combat, reveling in the power that it granted him. Beck ultimately gained the upper hand and removed the weapon, which he then sliced in half with the malfunctioning laser. Pavel returned to Tesler defeated, but when he returned to his office and reflected on the severed half of the weapon he was shocked and overjoyed to see it repair itself.

When Tesler attempted to bribe the citizens of Argon into turning the Renegade in, Pavel convinced two other programs, Link and Gorn, to help him frame Hopper, planting evidence in his disc to "prove" that he was the Renegade. When Paige discovered evidence of Hopper's innocence, she accused Pavel of trying to undermine Tesler's reputation in the hopes that Clu would promote him to Tesler's position. Pavel scoffingly denied it. Hopper was later proven innocent when the Renegade showed up in person to save him from execution, but Tesler did not appear to suspect Pavel of cooking up the deception deliberately, and ordered both him and Paige to never mention the incident again.

Personality and traits

Pavel is sycophantic and cold. Unlike Paige and more like General Tesler, he has no qualms about derezzing programs or destroying their futures. Pavel considers himself better than Paige even though they hold the same rank. Pavel also is willing to abandon Paige to secure his position, but pretends to be happy when Paige survives. Pavel has shown himself to revel in the suffering of others, by ruining their lives or undermining Paige. Pavel is also willing to ultimately betray his allies like Gorn to ensure he succeeds and make sure no one knows of his own treachery against Tesler. He appears desperate to please Tesler, which results in missteps and a bitter rivalry with Paige as they each try to undercut one another in their superior's eyes. In truth, Pavel secretly covets Tesler's position, and sees both Tesler and Paige as obstacles standing in his way. Pavel has proven himself to be a scheming mastermind albeit without the renegade's interference as he was able to convince Tesler twice of a programs treachery by framing them like Hooper and Paige.


  • Pavel serves a similar role to Tesler as Jarvis did to Clu and he, much like Jarvis, bungles up very often. Unlike Jarvis, though, Pavel secretly despises his superior and actively plots to undermine him.
  • Pavel "loves fireworks" (as in things burning).

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