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He's good, but he's no Tron.
Program Girl
Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorRed

Green (formerly)

Other information
FunctionsMilitary field commander

Medic (formerly)

EquipmentIdentity Disc
VehiclesLight Cycle
Light Copter
AlliesGeneral Tessler
Black Guard
Out of universe information
ActorEmmanuelle Chriqui
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

Paige is a character of TRON: Uprising, voiced by Emmanuelle Chriqui. General Tesler's second-in-command, Paige has endured her share of tragedy. Separated from her "family" during a battle, she was rescued by the General. This resulted in a deep loyalty to him, which often blinds her to his darker side. She is Beck's chief antagonist and, eventually, the object of his desire.


Beck's Beginning

Paige was present during the takeover of Argon City, and when the young program Beck decided to go renegade by blowing up a new statue of Clu, she gave pursuit that ended in a fierce duel atop a Light Copter. Beck leaped to safety after the machine's engines were damaged, leaving Paige to land the craft alone and return empty-handed.

Paige later went down to Argon City to tell the programs about the "renegade" and to announce that Tesler was bringing the games to Argon. She told the programs that they were being volunteered for the games and would be rounded up in a few cycles' time. Tesler, however, launched his plan prematurely and began taking programs immediately. Paige was worried for the programs' sake, but Tesler told her that if she hadn't failed to subdue Beck in the first place, he wouldn't have had to do it.

She got her own back after Tesler himself had suffered a defeat at the hands of Beck. "Told you he wasn't that easy to catch," she chided.

The Renegade

When two programs escaped on the way to their second match, Paige went out to track them down and bring them back. She discovered that the escapees were Beck and Cutler, who had defeated a team of Black Guards earlier in the Coliseum. She brought them back, cuffed them together, and put them back in the games against three Black Guards on light cycles. The two programs again defeated their enemies, and later Beck was set free while Cutler was to be derezzed. After Beck returned in the guise of Tron and rescued Cutler, Paige went to recapture them. They had a long fight with that ended only when one of Beck's friends, Zed, led a criminal gang on light cycles straight toward her. Paige was knocked off her feet and Beck and Cutler escaped. When she got back up she led the criminals away.


Paige was tasked with overseeing a plan to drill energy, but showing her compassionate side she shut off the drill to stop the resulting blackouts from causing casualties in Argon City. Tesler removed her from her post, not caring if a few programs were being derezzed.

Once alone she discovered one of the Black Guard waking up after an altercation with the renegade. Searching through the tunnels, she found Beck informing racers in the Argon race to evacuate because of a bomb he had planted on Tesler's drill. Paige raced back to the drill on her light cycle, and although Beck tried to stop her, she arrived too late to do anything about the bomb. Both of them were then forced to escape from its blast through the tunnels again. Paige's bike wasn't fast enough, so Beck pulled her onto his instead, and she escaped the blast only as a reluctant passenger.

Once Paige returned to Tesler, she suggested blaming the blackouts on the renegade, gaining public trust and alienating him from the programs of Argon. Then she assembled a task force to catch the renegade, one member of which was Zed.


Paige was only shown once to see the weapon Zed had created. When the weapon failed she said Zed was a joke.


Paige went after The Renegade when he stole a data cube, but crashed and was stranded on an island with him. Initially they fought, but when she learned that the island was disintegrating she reluctantly began to co-operate.

After repairing Beck's arm, she began to reflect on her past association with Quorra and Ada, refugees from the ISO War. Back when Paige was a medic, she had once healed Ada, believing her to be a Basic; Quorra, Ada's friend, had complimented Paige's music and taught her a self-defense move, but Paige's friendship with them had changed to bitterness when both women had turned out to be ISOs. Angry at the deceit, Paige had later believed Tesler when he told her that they were the ones who murdered her fellow medics, an experience that had galvanised Paige into joining Tesler's forces.

While Paige was helping Beck make a boat to get the off of the island, the destabilized ground disintegrated under her, causing her to fall into the sea. Beck ran to get the boat ready so he could save her, leaving Paige to believe that he had abandoned her there to die. He did return for her, but too late; Tesler and Pavel reached her first, airlifting her out, and he was forced to hide from them.

Paige, believing that the Renegade had left her deliberately, told Tesler that she had made a mistake in trusting her enemy, and should have killed him instead. She also said him that when she was on the island she had thought about how she met Tesler, and gathered strength from the knowledge that he would never betray her. Tesler agreed, keeping to himself the fact that when Paige's friends had approached him to turn the ISOs in, it was he who had ordered their deaths, both to cement Paige's loyalty and to perpetuate the myth of the ISO threat.

The Price of Power

When the Renegade stole a powerful upgrade weapon that had been on route to Argon City, Paige took the lead in the recovery efforts, setting a trap with an apparently disabled rescue vehicle that turned out to be full of guards. Beck used the weapon to defeat them all, and though Paige chased him in a Light Copter, he easily escaped.

The Reward

Paige disliked Tesler's plan to root out the Renegade by offering a reward for his capture, but went along with it until Pavel had Hopper arrested on the evidence of a program named Link. Approached by Mara and Zed, who had been with Hopper at the garage while the Renegade was fighting Pavel there, she confronted Pavel herself, angrily accusing him of arresting the wrong program to make Tesler look bad in front of Clu so that Pavel could take his place. Pavel sneeringly denied it, but Tesler refused to let Paige state her case, and even when Hopper turned out to be innocent, Tesler ordered them never to speak of the incident again.

Personality and traits

Paige is very fierce. She is an excellent fighter and rarely loses her cool. She can be vicious at times but she does have a conscience, as shown when she persuaded Tesler not to derez Beck and Cutler.

She appears to have a flirtatious attitude towards "Tron", half-complimenting him while they fight. However, due to her lack of knowledge of his true identity, she holds Beck in disregard as he is simply a mechanic, even becoming annoyed that she has to deal with him repeatedly.

Though Paige was written as a medical program, she enjoys music, and plays songs on a Mononome player even though her former colleagues had told her to stick to what she was programmed for. Quorra, hearing her play, encouraged her, saying she could probably be good at whatever she wanted to try. Though she has no cause to remember Quorra with friendship, she never gave up her music.


  • The name Paige is of English origin and means a young servant.
  • Paige was an early name for the character that later became Quorra. A few examples of this name can be seen on early concept art for TRON: Legacy.

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