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This article is about a canonical subject that lacks an official name, and is known only by its nickname, callsign, or alias.

Paige's Friend
Paige's Friend
Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorGreen
DescriptionRegular program appearance
Other information
Out of universe information
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

Paige's Friend was a minor character in TRON: Uprising. He was a medic and worked with Paige and Rox.


Paige's Friend was a medic, and assisted with the care of Quorra and Ada, whom Paige had aided when they were mugged. When the two refugees, pretending to be Basics, spoke about the ISO War, the medics were dismayed, and he said he'd heard that ISOs were insane and could "derez programs with their bare hands." Quorra replied uncomfortably that she was pretty sure that was only a rumor.

Later, Rox found out that the two new programs were actually ISOs, and she and Paige's Friend went to alert the authorities. General Tesler accepted their information, but then, despite their protests, ordered them derezzed. Tesler's claim that the ISOs had caused their deresolutions spurred Paige to join his forces in pursuit of revenge.

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