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#REDIRECT [[Radia]]
{{Program Infobox White
|image= Ophelia.png
|gallery= True
|birth = 1988
|death = 1988
|status = Derezzed
|color = White
|gender = Female
|allies= [[Giles]]
|appear = [[TRON: Betrayal]]
'''Ophelia''' was the first [[ISO]] [[program]] discovered by [[Kevin Flynn|Flynn]] and [[Clu 2|Clu]]. The pair showed [[Tron]] a recording of her rising from the [[Sea of Simulation]]. She seems to be a leader among the ISOs wearing a white gown with an elaborate headdress, similar to [[Radia]]. [[Giles]] served as her adviser and friend. She was presumably killed in the [[Purge]] with the rest of the ISOs.
[[Category:Female Programs]]
[[Category:TRON: Betrayal]]

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