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Mercury complete
Biographical information
Compile Date(Believed 2003)
Physical description
Circuitry ColorBlue
DescriptionUpdated Female Program Appearance
Other information
FunctionsGame Bot
VehiclesLight Cycle
AlliesJet Bradley
Out of universe information
ActorRebecca Romijn
AppearancesTRON 2.0
TRON 2.0: Killer App (Game Boy Advance)
TRON: The Ghost in the Machine

Mercury (voiced by Rebecca Romijn) is a primary character and heroine of TRON 2.0, created by Alan Bradley. She is a game bot, skilled in light cycle racing and rod combat.

TRON 2.0Edit

Mercury's first appearance was during the untimely capture and interrogation of Jet Bradley by Kernel, commander of the ICP's. She overheard that Jet was searching for Ma3a and suggested to the Kernel that he put Jet on the Game Grid. Mercury set her plan to free Jet in motion during the final round of the light cycle race. She downed one of the observation towers and instructed Jet to use a nearby ramp as an escape route. Once Jet was free, Mercury explained that her user sent her to find Ma3a. She led Jet through the prisoner bin and observation tower where his confiscated disc lay under guard. Once that was retrieved, they escaped the observation tower into the data stream.

On the way to the transport station, Mercury realized that her user simply wanted her to find Ma3a, not combat the virus as she had mistakenly believed. Jet and Mercury separated to find Byte as the virus began to overwhelm the ENCOM server. Ma3a was freed by Jet and they made for the exit port, with Mercury fending off a group of Z-Lots. As a result of her self-sacrifice she was erased in the system reformat.

An earlier version of Mercury appeared on the 'Net, with no memory of her previous encounter with Jet, reiterating that her user, GUEST wished to communicate with him. Prior to being digitized, Alan sent Mercury to assist Jet in reaching ENCOM's security server. As she repaired the exit port, she met Jet's attempts to jog her memory with indifference and confusion. Mercury appeared one final time as Jet and Alan prepared to escape the crashing fCon server. Jet warned her to leave before the system failed completely and Mercury asked Jet to search for her before departing. Back in the real world, as fCon's server crashed, Alan assured his son that Mercury was no longer on their server.

TRON: The Ghost in the MachineEdit

Mercury was reinstalled into ENCOM's sever by the system under the name MCRY73.EXE. When Jet reentered the computer world, she explained that she was the one who summoned him back to help them fight the MCP. She and Jet worked together to fight against the red army, while Clarence, a white rabbit that appears only to Jet, tried to get Jet to believe that she was working against him. When Jet received an optic upgrade via patch routine, Mercury's appearance changed to something similar to the program appearances in TRON. She explained the change as a result of the upgrade and nothing to be concerned about.

When they finally reached the MCP, Mercury and Jet stormed the citadel on armored light cycles and broke through the Master Control Program's defenses. With Jet distracted by Clarence, Mercury and the blue army were overwhelmed by the red army and Mercury was ultimately derezzed. When Clarence, Blue and Red Jet were revealed be to fragments of Jet.exe by the real Jet Bradley, Jet.exe used his disc to channel the system's energy into his body to recreate the digital world. He awoke to find Mercury sitting next to him on a hill.


To a certain degree, Mercury lacks the innocence and naivety of previous programs from the original TRON. She is a cunning warrior, both physically and mentally; despite her position as a game bot, she displays the ability to persuade high-command programs like Kernel from derezzing suspected viruses (such as Jet). She holds users, particularly her own, in high regard and follows their command without question. Mercury is also selfless, willing to sacrifice herself to the Z-Lot's and the reformatting to allow Jet and Ma3a to escape into the exit port. When Mercury was erased and reformatted, her personality becomes more akin to that of a standard program. She is completely focused on the objective given to her by her user, seemingly unable to answer simple questions in regards to her own fate.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Mercury is known within the computer world as a champion Light Cycle racer, with the ability to "race circles" around her opponents despite the light cycle arena's straight line default. Besides light cycle racing, She is also an skilled fighter; at least one scene shows that she is able to hold off a group of infected programs with little trouble. On more than one occasion Mercury put her stealth, hacking and system repair skills to good use to the benefit of Jet whenever he was faced with an obstacle that required the assistance of another.


During the course of the game, an emerging romance between Mercury and Jet Bradley is suggested, but never realized.


In 2003, NECA released a Mercury Figure as part of their TRON 2.0 action figure line.

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