Biographical information
Physical description
Other information
FunctionsSam's pet
AlliesSam Flynn, Alan Bradley
Out of universe information
AppearancesTRON: Legacy

Marvin, better known as "Marv", is Sam Flynn's pet dog. He is a Boston terrier.


When Sam broke into ENCOM Tower, he disrupted Richard Mackey's boardroom presentation of ENCOM's new operating system with a looped video of Marv barking. Marv was waiting when Sam got home and was treated to a hamburger.


  • According to Sam, Marv "loves walks, hamburgers; hates mayo."
  • Discussion about Marv reveals the dog to be a rescued dog. This also prompts Quorra to reuse the term and refer to herself as "a rescue".
  • Marv was played by Dozer, a Boston terrier.

The loop of Marv appears at the ENCOM presentation

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