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Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorPrimary: White
Secondary: Yellow
Other information
FunctionsVehicle maintenance
EquipmentIdentity Disc, Umbrella
Out of universe information
ActorMandy Moore
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

Mara is a supporting character in TRON: Uprising voiced by Mandy Moore. She is one of Beck's best friends and a co-worker at Able's garage. Mara specializes in making deadly weapons and vehicles. She has also expressed a romantic admiration for Beck's renegade program disguise, completely unaware that it is really Beck.


Mara had worked at Able's garage for much of her life. She specialized in working on the deadliest vehicles and weaponry on the Grid. Then Clu 2 took over. Her friend Bodhi was derezzed before her eyes by a Guard. Mara was upset but did nothing. Soon after, a new statue of Clu 2 was destroyed by a mysterious program. Unknown to Mara, the program was her friend Beck in disguise. One of Clu's generals, General Tessler, decided to begin capturing programs and making them fight in the Games, hoping to draw Beck out and capture him. Mara and her friend Zed were among the captured programs. They were put in Light Rails and had almost reached the Game Coliseum when the Light Rail suddenly flipped off its beam and crashed. The compartment door was opened and Beck, in disguise again, freed the programs. Mara wanted to say hi or thank the program but Zed urged her on.

The Renegade

Later, Mara and Zed went to a dance club where, too embarrassed to dance, Zed sat alone at a table and watched his friend. Mara tried to get Zed to dance with her, but he instead went out of the club with a program named Perl.

After being at the club, Mara noticed Zed was acting strangely but when she asked what was wrong, Able walked in looking for the baton of the ENCOM-786 light cycle was. Zed started to make up a story, but Mara realized what had happened and pulled Zed away to help him find it using a tracking device.

After a confrontation with Perl and a criminal gang, Mara punched Perl, Zed grabbed the baton and they sped off. They led the criminal gang straight into Paige, who was fighting the renegade, and in the confusion She and Zed escaped. This made Zed much more admirable in Mara's eyes.


Mara was present during the start of the Argon race in support of Zed. She was also present during Tessler's speech. She did not talk at all during this episode even though Beck told Zed that Mara had told him what happened at the race.

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