Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorWhite
DescriptionRegular program appearance
Other information
EquipmentIdentity Disc
VehiclesLight Cycle
Out of universe information
ActorLake Bell
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

Lux was a minor character in TRON: Uprising.


Lux came into contact with Beck and Tron when they were searching for Beck's stolen identity disc in Purgos. Initially friendly, she eventually revealed that she was operating in collusion with the underworld program that had obtained the disc, and sought profit and acceptance from Kobol by capturing Beck in a weakened state. When Tron unmasked himself, however, she had a change of heart and sacrificed herself to buy time for Beck and Tron to escape, giving them Kobal's disc and her own so that Tron and Beck's secret would be kept out of the hands of Clu's forces. They later laid her disc to rest in an energy pool in the Outlands.

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