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This laser's my life's work. Don't spill anything. Huh?
Lora baines cropped
Lora Baines Bradley
Biographical information
Physical description
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorBlue
Other information
FunctionsENCOM Programmer and Developer of Digitization technology
VehiclesENCOM Van
AlliesAlan Bradley
Jet Bradley
Kevin Flynn
Walter Gibbs
Out of universe information
ActorCindy Morgan
TRON 2.0
TRON: The Ghost in the Machine
TRON: Betrayal
Flynn Lives

Lora Baines-Bradley (played by actress Cindy Morgan) is one of the key characters in TRON and TRON 2.0.



Although Lora's age and background are not known, she was first introduced during the movie as a computer scientist (and perhaps physicist) working directly for ENCOM founder Walter Gibbs, with whom she worked in the digitization lab.

During the movie, she learned from her then-boyfriend (and later husband) Alan Bradley, that his access had been canceled due to a security breach within ENCOM. Lora was immediately suspicious that her former boyfriend and ex-ENCOM employee, Kevin Flynn, may have been behind the security breach. Lora then decided to warn Flynn that Ed Dillinger, the CEO of ENCOM, knew about his attempts to hack into the ENCOM mainframe.

When Flynn admitted that it was him, Lora convinced her skeptical boyfriend that Flynn's motives were honest and ultimately created the team that would defeat the MCP by offering to drive them into ENCOM.

Lora sneaked Flynn into the digitizing lab where he was unwittingly digitized by the MCP and transported into the Game Grid, a previously unknown world on the other side of the screen. Although she could do little to help him during his digital adventure, a program of hers named Yori did cross paths with him and provided aid in the conflict against the MCP. Lora's relationship with Alan was similarly reflected in a digital relationship between Yori and Tron.

Lora and Alan met up with Flynn again after his reappearance. The three had become good friends, bonded by their experience together.

TRON 2.0

Note: The following section contains information that appears in the TRON 2.0 storyline, which has been classed as non-canon with the TRON mythology and takes place in an alternate timeline.

As the preceding story for TRON 2.0 began, Lora and Alan announced that they would be having a child in May 1982 and ask Flynn to become the godfather of their child (which he agreed to). This is believed to be very shortly after the setting of TRON. Lora's son, Jethro Eugene Bradley was born, possibly the couple's only child, in December 1982.

In 1984, Lora discovered that there were serious problems with the digitizing process that could not be corrected without the MCP. In 1988, Lora Bradley developed the Math Assistant One Audio application - Ma1a, a generic voice-interactive application to front-end a research tool. In 1990, Kevin Flynn left ENCOM as Gibbs Jr. took over, but Lora and Flynn remained in contact. In 1994, a digitizing laser misfired in the lab, fatally wounding Lora.

Although Lora's death at this point provides some of the plot elements with respect to her son Jethro's relationship with his father, it is Lora's "continuance" in Ma1a, which becomes Ma2a shortly after her death that is the most significant plot continuance mechanism.

While there is no specific suggestion in the game TRON 2.0, it is suggested via rumour that by 1996, Ma2a, the upgrade to Ma1a, is showing traits similar to Lora. It is also suggested that the voice of Ma2a is very much like Lora's and some plot elements with Ma3a suggest that Lora's spirit lives on inside the computer in Ma3a. TRON: The Ghost in the Machine confirms this belief when Jet relays to his program, Jet.exe, that his mother didn't die, as her mind lives on through Ma3a.

TRON: Betrayal and TRON: Legacy

Fylnn Lives (ARG)-01

Lora and Alan at the 2010 ENCOM Press Conference

In the official TRON Universe canon, Lora survived to the present day and was married to Alan Bradley. Lora made a brief appearance in the graphic novel, TRON: Betrayal, announcing to Kevin that she had been offered a job in Washington. When Flynn inquired about her relationship with Alan, she assured him she and Alan would be staying together despite the distance the job would create.

Although Lora does not appear in the actual TRON: Legacy movie, she has appeared at events that are a part of the Flynn Lives ARG that promotes it, such as a press conference to announce Space Paranoids Online which was interrupted - first by members of the Flynn Lives Organization, then by a skydiving Sam Flynn.

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