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|actor=David Arquette
|actor=David Arquette
|appear= [[TRON: Uprising]]}}
|appear= [[TRON: Uprising]]}}
'''Link''' was a minor character in [[Tron: Uprising]].
'''Link''' was a minor character in [[Tron: Uprising]]. He is an employee of [[Able's garage]].

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Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorDim White
DescriptionRegular program appearance
Other information
Out of universe information
ActorDavid Arquette
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

Link was a minor character in Tron: Uprising. He is an employee of Able's garage.


Link, who coveted the Light Roadster, was easily persuaded by Pavel to falsely testify that Hopper was the Renegade in The Reward, receiving the car in exchange.

As Link drove the Light Roadster, the Renegade appeared in the back seat. Outside the City, Beck, still in his Renegade disguise, attempted to convince Link to help him prove that the Occupation was arresting innocent programs, but Link had trouble understanding the plan, and kept asking for more explanations until Beck was exasperated. Finally, Beck heard that his friends were in danger, and drove back to town alone in the Light Roadster, leaving Link frantically shouting that he should drive carefully to avoid damaging it.


Link's secondary circuits are so dim that they appear gray.


  • Link's name previously appeared in the credits of Blackout but he was not identified within the episode.

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