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Light Roadster
Vehicle TypeMulti-program transport
UsersLink, Beck; Mara (bike variant)
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

The Light Roadster is a four-seat vehicle introduced in TRON: Uprising.

The Light Roadster is much like a real-world car, with four wheels and a large light-ring inside for use as a steering wheel. The vehicle also has seatbelts, headlights, a retractable roof, and a rear-view mirror above the dash. Unlike a real-world car, it can split in half to go in two directions, each half reforming into an unusual two-seat light cycle.

Link received the Light Roadster as a reward for turning Hopper in, but the vehicle was later commandeered by Beck.


  • When Beck drove the Light Roadster, the circuitry color outside of the vehicle did not change to match his white primary circuits or blue secondary circuits. However, the circuits inside the vehicle were white.
  • General Tesler claimed that the Light Roadster was the only vehicle that could outrun a Light Jet. However, Quorra elsewhere described the 2nd Generation Light Cycle as the fastest vehicle on the Grid.
Tron uprising the reward still

Beck driving the Light Roadster.

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