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(Known Light Ribbon Vehicles)
(Known Light Ribbon Vehicles)
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*[[Light Runner]]
*[[Light Runner]]
*[ Submersible]
*[[Tron's Light Boat]]

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Tron legacy sam bike

A light cycle leaving behind a light ribbon.

A light ribbon is an impenetrable, temporary wall of light generated behind vehicles within the Game Arena, and is often used strategically in games to derez opponents forced to crash into them. Their low height allows nimble vehicles to jump over them, and they can otherwise be avoided by waiting until the ribbon dissipates after a short time or steering clear of them. Light ribbons can also be destroyed by force from high impact collisions or weapons fire.

The light ribbon is the updated version of the Jetwall, and is transparent in its new incarnation, with a refractive index similar to that of water. This transparency therefore gives light ribbons a liquid appearance.

Known Light Ribbon Vehicles


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