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Light Cycle Grid
Geographical information
RegionTron City
Other information
DesignerKevin Flynn
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Legacy

The Light Cycle Grid is a colossal Light Cycle arena dominating the south of Tron City, near the Game Arena. It has a stadium structure surrounding an asymmetrical arena floor. The combat environment of the arena floor is a transparent, multi-layered set of surfaces where riders can move freely on the upper surface, or dive below into a more confined level beneath. Upper and lower levels can be connected by a series of ramps that riders below commonly exploit as jumps to surprise riders above. The transparency of all levels ensures that all riders above and below are visible to each other at all times.

The stadium seating on the periphery of the arena provides live viewing positions for thousands and the spectators are screened from the arena floor by a sturdy clear shield capable of withstanding the full force of a light cycle impact without breaching. They are kept updated on the status of riders by way of an illuminated score board that displays the names of riders who are still alive.


Clu set a trap for his old enemy, Kevin Flynn. In capturing Kevin's son Sam he had acquired an unexpected, yet fortuitous prisoner with whom to bait the trap and he assigned the young man to participate in a lethal Light Cycle game to draw out his old foe. To further his goal, he made the competition even more publicly visible by personally competing in the match himself.

Two teams faced off against each other; Clu, with four of his Sentries against Sam and a quartet of inexperienced riders. Clu's team quickly began to whittle down the ranks of Sam's team until the young man rallied a team mate to combine efforts and turn the tide. Ultimately, all of the lesser programs of both teams were systematically derezzed until only Clu and Sam remained. Clu was about to deliver the final blow when an unauthorized competitor broke into the Light Cycle Grid in a Light Runner and rescued Sam.

The Light Runner, while slower than Light Cycles, was also far more heavily armed and quickly dispatched most of the fresh riders summoned to deal with the intrusion. The masked driver was then able to breach an outer wall of the Light Cycle Grid and escape with Sam.


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