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Light Cycle (4th generation)

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Light Cycle
Vehicle TypeHigh speed personal transport
ArmamentsLight Ribbon
Crew1 Rider
UsersAnon, Quorra, Gibson, Sentry
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Evolution

The 4th Generation light cycle has no canopy, like the upgraded 5th generation light cycle, but is very similar to the 2nd generation light cycle in shape. The front wheel is wider than the rear, which has a sphere with three spokes attaching to the wheel. It also has a small headlight. Because it has no canopy, the rider is able to perform disc attacks while on the light cycle.


The 4th generation Lightcycle was used as early as 1983 by System Monitor Program Tron outside of the Game Grids, which was occupied by the 3rd generation Lightcycle.

In 1989, Tron used his 4th generation lightcycle to derezz three sentries, who were speeding into the Outlands to derezz the beta System Monitor Anon. Anon later used a 4th generation Lightcycle, given to him by Quorra, three times: escaping the End of Line Club, racing to the Game Grids to rescue Gibson, and speeding across the Bomb Bay of the warship Regulator.

After 1989, the 4th Generation Lightcycle was phased out by it's successor, the 5th Generation Lightcycle. It remained an antique in other program's eyes.

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