IMG 1540
Light Crawler
Vehicle TypeAll terrain personal transport
Armaments2 Light ribbons
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

A Light Crawler is an all terrain vehicle (ATV) that is featured in TRON: Uprising. It has four wheels is designed for usage along rough terrain. Light crawlers travel quickly, but can be overtaken by a snowmobile. They are slower than Light Cycles but are sturdier vehicles. They have two light ribbons from the back of each rear wheel for defense. When Beck was in the Outlands, he passed through an area full of abandoned vehicles and came across a light crawler. He used his mechanical skills and a special tool to fix it, and start the engine.


  • The creators of the series have called this vehicle a "light crawler", while the official website simply lists it as an "ATV".
  • Every time Beck finds a Light Crawler, they seem to have been abandoned and in disrepair.

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