Kernal's aid
Kernel's Aid
Biographical information
Derezzed Date2003?
Physical description
Circuitry ColorRed
Other information
FunctionsSystem security
Right-hand program to the Kernel
EquipmentIdentity Disc
Out of universe information
ActorKen Boynton
AppearancesTRON 2.0

Kernel's Aide (aka KernelSupport.api) was an ICP that served as the Kernel's right-hand man. His primary function was to protect the system from viruses and other unauthorized programs. He was dispatched to bring Jet in for questioning. Later in the game, The Aide was sent with squads of ICPs to Thorne's Corrupted Server.


  • Kernel's Aide is the only ICP in TRON 2.0 to appear without headgear.

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