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Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorRed
DescriptionRegular program appearance
Other information
EquipmentCode vial
AlliesGeneral Tesler (former)
Out of universe information
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

Keller is a minor character in TRON: Uprising.


Keller, a scientist, developed a mind-control technique for General Tesler, incorporating the effects of a haze of pathogenic code together with signals from a tall tower. When Tesler used the technique to brainwash programs to worship Clu, Keller told him she'd created the code to give programs freedom and wanted out, but he informed her that she would either complete the technique or be derezzed, and assigned Pavel to ensure her compliance. Pavel scoffed at her science, which he did not understand, but suggested that they celebrate together as programs in Argon Square fell under the influence of the gas. Keller disdainfully retorted that she'd have to be under the influence of the pathogen, and Pavel said that that could be arranged.

When Beck, in his guise as the renegade, broke into the airship from which the viral haze was spreading, Keller used Pavel's light staff to attack Pavel and knock him out, saying that she'd really needed to do that. She escaped as the airship crashed into the signal tower, ending the effects of her virus on the population. On the run after Tesler put a price on her head, she stopped in a light rail station and used an injection to change her surface render to that of a male program, creating a disguise with which to escape detection.


Keller's disguise

While attempting to leave Argon by train, Keller was approached by Beck to be recruited into the growing resistance movement. As the train was being searched by Paige, Pavel intervened and shot the engines while trying to keep Keller from escaping. This led to the train being unable to stop while it headed to a broken bridge and its destruction, while Keller continued to evade Paige. While hiding, Paige offered her a chance to rejoin Tesler's side, an offer which she later accepted. When she saw Paige talking to Beck, she intervened and told the former that Beck was a hero who saved them all.

She was subsequently brought before Tesler and, on her knees, told him she would serve him and would not fail him. Tesler, agreeing, promptly derezzed her.


  • Keller may be named after Sister Mary Kenneth Keller, the first American woman to earn a PhD in Computer Science, one of the developers of BASIC, and founder of the computer science department at Clarke College in Iowa, which she directed for twenty years.

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