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TV SideView is an interactive electronic programming guide for tablets and smartphones. Wikia content was integrated into version 2.5, which was released on May 28th.

How To Download

If you’re currently on the device you’d like to use TV SideView on, you can simply click here Otherwise: go to the Google Play store and search for “TV SideView”. The correct app should be near the top - download and install it.


Download screen on the Google Play store


After you launch the app, pick your country and be sure to read the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy before continuing.

If you have any Sony devices in your home or office, the TV SideView app can interact with them. Any Sony device that has the capacity to interact with the app will automatically populate on this screen. Choose the device from this list to set it up.


Cable providers

Enter your ZIP code for a list of available cable/satellite providers in your area, then choose which one you subscribe to. Set up your “Favorites” and (optionally) set up an account with Sony Entertainment.

Using the App

You’ll land on the “Top Picks” page. To access the TV listings, tap the “Grid” icon in the upper-right of the screen.


The TV SideView grid

You’ll land on a live TV guide that’s showing the “Favorites” choices you made on a previous screen. Tap any of the grid squares to bring up a summary of the show and episode called “Information”.


The landing page for an episode of Friends

At the upper-right, you’ll see that “Twitter” also has a tab - swipe left to see it. If the series, movie, or fandom has a wikia attatched, you’ll then see a “Wikia” tab. Swipe left again and you can access Wikia’s descriptions, content, and related articles.


Fan content from Wikia on TV SideView

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