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Lyric wiki app
LyricWiki Lyrics is a free mobile app availabe for iPhone and Android. It provides quick access to every song in LyricWiki's community-powered database of over 1.5 million songs. In addition, for some songs there is also a link to purchase a ringtone.

How to Get the LyricWiki Lyrics App

Visit the Android store on your android phone or tablet, or visit the iTunes store from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad for the free download of the Lyric Wiki Lyrics app.

Search Tips

Search in the Lyric Wiki Lyrics app is optimized for the following format: "Artist:Title". To search for Like a Prayer by Madonna, simply the following into the Search box (including the colon, and with no spaces):

Madonna:Like A Prayer

The app will autocomplete the Search field based on songs in the database, so you probably won't need to type the whole title to find what you're looking for.


Support for the app is provided by its author, Sean Colombo, who can be reached on his talk page at LyricWiki. You can also contact Community Support via Special:Contact with any questions.

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