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In here, program!
Biographical information
Compile DateVarious
Derezzed DateVarious
Physical description
Circuitry ColorRed
DescriptionArmored sentry
Other information
FunctionsSoldiers of the MCP
Soldiers of Clu 2
EquipmentStun Pike
VehiclesSark's Carrier
Sark's Lieutenant
Clu 2
General Tessler
Black Guard
Out of universe information
ActorDave Cass, Bob Neill, Ted White, Mark Stewart, Michael Sax, Tony Brubaker
TRON: Uprising

Guards are the security programs loyal to Sark and the MCP in the computer world. It is assumed that ICPs are the updated versions of guards.

They use long prod-like weapons to stun programs and also to block attacks. These weapons are similar to the staffs used by sentries. They have not yet demonstrated the use of their identity discs as weapons.

During the reign of Clu 2, the guards served him and General Tessler, keeping order and fighting Beck and his fellow rebel programs.

Physical Appearance

During the days of the MCP, the Guards sported red/orange circuitry lighting with white armor. Although this appearance carried on into the TRON: Uprising, there have been both subtle and notable modifications to their aesthetics including the installation of a tinted face visor as well as the phasing out of the old two-pieced should pauldrons for slightly larger one-pieced pauldrons. To go along with the change in armor appearance, one noticeable change to the armor would be the scrapping of the glove-like wrist buckler and forearm bracer with lighter less noticeable arm protection. Another notable change included the phasing out of the old bulky white armor for sleek black armored suits.

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