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TronLimoBack sml
Grid Limo
Vehicle TypeTron system luxury car
Crew1 Driver
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Legacy
TRON: Evolution
TRON: Uprising

A Grid Limo is luxury vehicle that is used for personal transportation by important programs in Tron City. The vehicle has no shown wheels.


  • Seen briefly in TRON: Legacy when Sam Flynn and Gem are talking on the street.
  • It is also seen in the TRON: Legacy Light Cycle game in three levels called Clu's Highway, Flynn's Escape Route, and Information Superhighway on the official TRON: Legacy website.
  • Grid Limos are seen during the first chapter of TRON: Evolution in Tron City.
  • Grid Limos also appear in TRON: Uprising. The ones that travel around Argon City have a different design than the ones seen in Tron City.

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