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Gaming program -1
Green Gaming Program
Biographical information
Derezzed Date2010
Physical description
Circuitry ColorGreen
DescriptionStandard program appearance
Other information
Identity Disc
VehiclesLight Cycle
AlliesSam Flynn
Young Man on Recognizer
Blue Gaming Program
Purple Gaming Program
Out of universe information
ActorPatrick Sabongui
AppearancesTRON: Legacy

The Green Gaming Program was one of the four teammates of Sam Flynn in Clu's light cycle tournament. He was portrayed by Patrick Sabongui.


A dark-bearded program with teal-green circuitry, the Green Gaming Program was a conscript forced into a death-match in the Light Cycle Grid. As his teammates rezzed their light cycles, he paused for a moment to offer some advice to Sam: "Their bikes are faster than ours. Use the levels."

After one of his teammates was killed almost immediately, he pulled up next to Clu's light cycle and attempted to ram it. Clu retaliated with a chopping strike to the base of his helmet, knocking him out, and put his bike's throttle on full before leaving the doomed program to speed straight into the nearest wall, where he crashed and derezzed.


  • The Green Gaming Program stood second in the lineup and wore a 4 on his helmet.
  • On the scoreboard, Combatant 4 was designated as Wilkes. The name is a reference to Mary Allen Wilkes, a former computer programmer and hardware engineer most known for her work with the LINC computer.

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