Grandpa flynn
Mac Flynn
Biographical information
Death Date1995
Physical description
Hair ColorWhite
Other information
AlliesKevin Flynn, Grandma Flynn, Sam Flynn
Out of universe information
ActorDonnelly Rhodes
AppearancesTRON: Legacy

TRON: Betrayal

Grandpa Flynn ( abt 1910 - 1995) was the father of Kevin Flynn and grandfather to Sam Flynn. After Kevin's disappearance, he and his wife became Sam's caregivers. He died when Sam was 12.


  • Sam names his grandfather as "Mac".
  • Dialog in TRON: Betrayal suggests that the grandparents caring for Sam were Jordan's parents, not Kevin's (he refers to Jordan as "my daughter" while talking to Kevin), but they were credited in Legacy as Grandma and Grandpa Flynn.
Mac tron betrayal

In TRON: Betrayal

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