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*Sam refers to his Grandmother as "Gram".
*Sam refers to his Grandmother as "Gram".
[[File:Gram_tron_betrayal.png|thumb|left|105px|In [[TRON: Betrayal]]]]
[[Category:Unnamed Characters]]
[[Category:Unnamed Characters]]

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Grandma flynn
Grandma Flynn
Biographical information
Death Date2000
Physical description
Hair ColorBlonde
Other information
AlliesSam Flynn, Grandpa Flynn, Kevin Flynn
Out of universe information
ActorBelinda Montgomery
AppearancesTRON: Legacy
TRON: Betrayal

Grandma Flynn was Kevin Flynn's mother and Sam Flynn's grandmother. She was the wife of Grandpa Flynn. When Kevin disappeared, she became Sam's primary caregiver. She cared very much for him, and was worried with how his father's absence effected him. She died when Sam was 17.


  • Sam refers to his Grandmother as "Gram".
Gram tron betrayal

In TRON: Betrayal

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