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{{Cquote|In the name of our great leader, [[Clu 2|Clu]], I now claim [[Argon City]] as occupied territory.}}
#REDIRECT [[General Tesler]]
{{Program Infobox Red
|image= General Tesler.png
|gallery = True
|status= Alive
|color= Red
|gender= Male
|describe= Tall, broad-shouldered program wearing a short cape
|job= Keeping control over [[Argon City]]<br />Enforcing [[Clu 2|Clu's]] will
|equipment= [[Identity Disc]]
|vehicle= [[General Tessler's Light Boat|Speed Boat]]<br>[[General Tessler's Command Ship|Command Ship]]
|allies= [[Clu 2]]<br />[[Paige]]<br />[[Pavel]]<br />[[Guard]]s<br />[[Black Guard]]
|actor= [[Lance Henriksen]] (voice)
|appear= [[TRON: Uprising]]}}
'''General Tessler''' is the main antagonist of ''[[TRON: Uprising]]'' voiced by [[Lance Henriksen]]. He is one of [[Clu 2|Clu's]] generals and is extremely ambitious. Tessler rules over [[Argon City]] from his [[General Tessler's Command Ship|command ship]].
===Beck's Beginning===
Tessler, being one of Clu's generals, was tasked with taking over a section of the Grid. This he successfully did, swiftly conquering Argon City with his army. He ran into complications, however, when the young [[program]] Beck fought back after seeing his [[Bodhi|friend]] [[derez]]zed before his eyes. Beck had destroyed a new statue of Clu and then overturned a [[Light Rail]] full of prisoners and freeing them. Tessler decided to handle the renegade himself but, in the ensuing duel, failed to derez Beck and was defeated: Beck effected Tessler's fall off a building by cutting off his arms. Helpless, unable to grab anything, Tessler fell a long way down onto a light rail beam where he was eventually rescued by [[Paige]].
===The Renegade===
After his embarrassing defeat at the hands of Beck, Tessler did not go on the front lines quite as much. He watched the games at the Coliseum, unaware that the Renegade that he so hated was fighting in the tournament, having been captured for breaking curfew. And so it was that before Tessler's eyes, Beck and [[Cutler|another program]] defeated wave one of their enemies and then escaped. They were recaptued and brought back by Paige, but again they defeated the next round of opponents. Tessler remarked that they were "too good" and [[Pavel]], his second-in-command, suggested that the two fight each other for freedom, thus eliminating the threat of [[program]]s beating the games. Then Cutler, Beck's accomplice, forfeited to prevent Beck and himself from killing each other. Tessler was willing to derez them both but Paige, showing her more compassionate side, convinced him to let the winner go free. So Tessler sent Beck off and had Pavel move Cutler to Argon Square to be derezzed.
This turned out to be a mistake, as Beck, once again in the guise of Tron, broke Cutler out and the two escaped from Argon City entirely. But Tessler wasn't giving up that easily. When the escapee and the Renegade jumped in a [[Boat|Light Boat]] to escape, Tessler gave pursuit in [[General Tessler's Light Boat|a boat of his own]]. He very nearly succeeded this time, but the duo was rescued by the actual Tron in [[Tron's Light Boat|his boat]]. Once again, Tessler had failed to derez the Renegade and achieve his ends.
[[File:Tessler_Arm_Launch.png|thumb|Tessler launches his arm]]
When Tessler went to inspect his new energy drilling operation, he found that Paige had ordered the drill be shut down. Angered by this decision, Tessler ordered it turned back on and replaced Paige with Pavel to oversee the drilling. Before leaving, he told Paige she had been sloppy lately. He later made a public announcement that the renegade had tried to sap all the energy, and promised to find him and bring him to justice. He congratulated Paige on her idea for blaming the energy plot on the renegade.
==Powers and abilities==
When Tessler makes his hands glow bright red, he has the ability to block [[Identity Disc|Disc]] attacks or to send a powerful charge through them: When he punched Beck, the program flew across the room and slammed into a Light Rail car where the force of the impact made a large dent. Tessler can also launch his arms out from his body to grab or punch.
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