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GT LightBoat
General Tesler's Speed Boat
Vehicle TypeLiquid surface transport
ArmamentsLight guns
UsersGeneral Tessler
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

General Tesler's Speed Boat is a massive, upgraded variant of the standard speed boat model under the command of General Tessler. The vessel can hold a crew of sentries and other forces, such as Black Guardsmen. Unique to this model are its large turret batteries and its drastic difference in size and appearance.


General Tessler pursued Beck and Cutler, who were retreating from Argon City, in his speed boat. Tessler's vessel was extremely larger than the standard model Beck and Cutler utilized, but the pair was saved by Tron who was using his own speed boat, a unique model that possessed the ability to submerge deep beneath the water.

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