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Before I begin, I apologize if this is the incorrect portion of the forum to post this in. If there is a correct subsection that this needs to go in, please let me know, I'll delete the post and submit it in the right subsection.

As you may have gathered from the topic above, I have reason to suspect that Kevin Flynn's disc is not necessary for another user to exit the Grid. I know that a lot of people think that Sam Flynn needs his father's disc to get out of the system in the film, but there is evidence suggested in the film that shows its not the case.

The following diologue from is from TRON: Legacy, from the scene shortly after the Rectifier begins moving towards the portal, while CLU's speech is still going on (it's shortly before Sam goes to the control tower to get Flynn's disc back):

Sam: Dad, we have to get your disc.

Flynn: We gotta get to the portal. You shut them down from outside.

Sam: But if I make it out, you won't last in here! Quorra won't last!

Flynn: We'll be alright. Come on!

Sam: Would you let it go? I'm not going home without you!

Flynn: Sam...

Sam: The same team. Remember?

Flynn: I knew you were gonna say that.

Sam: Meet me on the flight deck in five and get us some wheels.

Flynn: Some wheels? What's your plan?

Sam: I'm a User. I'll improvise.

Now, here's the question I have to ask: If Sam needed Kevin's disc to get out, then why wouldn't Kevin Flynn have told Sam during that scene that they needed it? But, he didn't say anything about it being needed, and he was insistant that they proceed to go to the portal without his ID Disc. This shows that Kevin Flynn's Disc is not necessary for Sam Flynn to get out of the system, as Flynn says "You shut them down from the other side." Since Sam is a user and he has his disc, he is able to exit the system. I feel that most people mistake Kevin Flynn's ID Disc's "the master key" label to applying to other users, when it could only apply to Kevin Flynn (since its his disc) or any program or ISO who uses it to get out of the system (as we see with Quorra). Other information that backs this up is the fact that Sam Flynn tried to go to the portal by himself without his father's disc. Now, most people would say, "Sam probably didn't know." That maybe true, but in conjunction with the above dialogue, it implies that another user who is on the Grid woudln't need the master user's disc to get out (and that the only reason why Sam went for the disc was because he didn't want to leave his father on the Grid, sitting at the portal where CLU would probably capture or kill him). And looking at the back story presented, which it is suggested that Flynn intended to open the server up for the world to be used, it doesn't make sense to open it up to everyone if Flynn is going to be needed on the Grid 24/7 to allow other users to get out because his disc is the only one that would allow it.

I know it seems sketchy, but it makes more sense to me in that regard. It accounts for why Sam attempted to leave the Grid on his own without his father's disc. So, I'm tossing the theory out here to see what you guys think. —Preceding unsigned comment added by CB2001 (talkcontribs)

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