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Vehicle TypeAerial security transport
Crew1 pilot
Behind the scenes

Flynn's Recognizer is the Recognizer assembled and piloted by Kevin Flynn. This feat was achieved by Flynn's abilities as a user.


This particular Recognizer was damaged and left disassembled and discarded at what appeared to be the Game Grid equivalent of a junk yard. Flynn discovered it by chance when he, and an injured Ram, sought refuge from Sark's military forces. Awakening from sleep, Flynn heard the sound of an electronic beeping from a panel he was touching, and when he investigated further, the Recognizer's systems lit up and it reassembled into a damaged, but functional state.

Flynn began to pilot the Recognizer out of the junkyard, much to Ram's amazement as this was a feat which could not be achieved by an ordinary program. Flynn was left to continue alone after Ram derezzed and soon lost control of the Recognizer. This caused it to disassemble piece-by-piece until only the cockpit module remained. After throwing Flynn clear, it then shut down again, returning to the junk state that it had been before Flynn's power had animated it.


Reco interior ram flynn

The Recognizer's interior.

  • Flynn's Recognizer is the only Recognizer with blue circuitry in TRON, a result of Flynn's influence over the craft.
  • In the novelization, the pieces that form this Recognizer are the remains of one of the Recognizers Clu destroyed in the beginning of the movie.

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