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ElecTRONica was an interactive nighttime dance party that took place at Disney's California Adventure Park, part of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. It took place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at the Hollywood Backlot section of the park. ElecTRONica started in October, 2010, and was based after a similar nighttime event that called Glow Fest, which took place in the same area. ElecTRONica featured dancing, performers such as LASERMAN, a 3D sneak-peak of the film TRON: Legacy, a mock-up of the End of Line Club, and a recreation of Flynn's Arcade, where guests could play classic arcade games (such as TRON and Space Paranoids), as well as TRON: Evolution.

ElecTRONica was temporarily closed for refurbishments in early September, 2011, and reopened in October. It perminately closed April 15, 2012. It is to be replaced by a similar "nighttime celebration" themed around Alice in Wonderland, Mad T Party.


Eckert was the host of ElecTRONica and the new owner of the End of Line Club (according to DCA Park Canon). His outfit was nearly exactly the same as Castor's, but hair and facial markings differ. Theories as to who Eckert really is vary, but he once spoke about his "idiot brother who got himself Derezzed", setting Eckert up as a sibling of sorts to Castor and providing a reason why he is now 'owner' of the End of Line club. Eckert's name also appeared, listed as Combatant 8, on the Disc Wars scoreboard in Tron: Legacy.

Power Surge

Before guests could "enter TRON City," a pre-show could be seen. The show would be set on a stage just outside the entrance to elecTRONica, or "The Portal" as it is referred to by Eckert.

The show would start off introducing the events of the original TRON film, whilst scenes played on a screen above the stage. After a brief introduction, the introduction to Journey's "Seperate Ways" begins as dancers cressed in 80's attire dance to the song. Following this, we are taken into the Grid segment of the show. (During this, "The Game Has Changed" briefly plays.)

This leads into the part of the show where Eckert is introduced as "a program to rock our world like it's never been rocked before." Varying on what day, Eckert and the other programs would dance to one of three varied Daft Punk songs.

By the time their dance is over, there are 30 seconds remaining before guests enter "TRON City" and the portal would open


Laserman performed a laser/light show set to music. A new version of the show premiered in June 2011; titled "Laserman: R3CONF1GUR3D", it featured new choreography as well as music from the Daft Punk remix album, Tron: Legacy R3C0NF1GURR3D.

End of Line Club

Based on the night club located inside the Grid during Tron: Legacy, the End of Line Club served glowing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Among the alocholic options were Glowjito mojitos and blinking Digitini martinis. Non-alcoholic choices included Coke Zero and Laser Light Lemonade. A nearby food truck offered nachos and chocolate cake.

Flynn's Arcade

In this replica of the arcade seen in the Tron films, guests played vintage 1980s video games such as Tron, Battlezone, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Pole Position, Red Baron and Zaxxon, a game that had previously existed in the original Tron film. All games required a token, or the equivalent of a quarter, to play. Located just outside the arcade, guests could have also played TRON: Evolution and TRON: Evolution- Battle Grids.


  • In TRON: Legacy the name 'Eckert' is seen on the Disc Arena leader board.
  • The three varied Daft Punk songs that would play during "Power Surge" would either be; "Crescendolls," "Superheroes," or "Aerodynamic." Coincidentally, all three of these tracks can be found on Daft Punk's "Discovery" Album.
  • Flynn's Arcade also housed what Disney Imagineer Craig Pierce claimed was the world's only coin-operated version of Space Paranoids.


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