The idea of sharing our software, or giving it away for free disappeared with Kevin Flynn.
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Edward Dillinger, Jr.
Biographical information
Physical description
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Other information
FunctionsENCOM programmer and board member
AlliesRichard Mackey
Claire Atkinson
Out of universe information
ActorCillian Murphy
AppearancesTRON: Legacy
TRON: The Next Day (mentioned only)

Edward Dillinger, Jr. is the son of the programmer and former ENCOM Senior Executive Ed Dillinger. In 2010, he is a board member at ENCOM, and has taken over the development of ENCOM OS 12, formerly known as Flynn OS.


Despite his father's checkered history at ENCOM, Ed Jr. was employed there and eventually rose to become a favored head of the company's software design team.

Ed Jr. attended the celebratory board meeting on the eve of the launch of ENCOM OS 12, where the company's CEO, Richard Mackey, praised his achievements and value to the company at the expense of any mention of the still-missing former CEO Kevin Flynn. When Sam Flynn broke into ENCOM Tower and hacked the company's servers, causing a movie clip of a dog to appear on the boardroom screen instead of the midnight launch of the new operating system, Ed Jr. was one of the few board members to stay cool and attempt to trace the problem via his tablet. As Mackey's panic escalated, Ed Jr. told him firmly to relax and entered the kill command to stop the looping video clip. However, he was unable to prevent OS 12 from leaking onto the web, and retired off-screen after calmly suggesting that the pirated software should be explained as an act of generosity from ENCOM to the public.

Ed was later mentioned in TRON: The Next Day, when Roy Kleinberg asked the board's new chairman, Alan Bradley, whether "that Dillinger kid" would remain in the company after the upcoming reorganization. Alan replied that "Junior" had earned his place and would stay.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Edward Dillinger, Jr. is portrayed in TRON: Legacy by Irish actor Cillian Murphy in an uncredited role. It is rumoured that he may return for the third TRON film. Bruce Boxleitner has hinted at that, saying during an interview, "Let's just say... Cillian Murphy doesn't do cameos."
  • A teaser scene featuring Dillinger Jr., and a second ambiguous character has been produced together with TRON: The Next Day and is an "easter egg" on the US Blu-ray release of TRON: Legacy. The second ambiguous character (with the username MCTRL_751) is either Ed Dillinger, Sr. or a new version of the Master Control Program. The former is probably more likely to be true, as Dillinger Jr. refers to the ambiguous character as "Dad".