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The ENCOM Badge and its Flynn Lives mailing envelope

The ENCOM Badge was created by Zack in his offices at Arcade Aid in order to allow followers of the Flynn Lives Organization to impersonate legitimate ENCOM employees.

This was to allow said followers to access the ENCOM Intranet and locate information that, it was hoped, would shed light on the disappearance of Kevin Flynn in 1989. The badge supposedly grants Group 7 clearance to the holder.

In reality, the badge is part of the Flynn Lives ARG designed to promote TRON: Legacy.

How the badge is usedEdit

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The ENCOM Badge around the neck of a devout member of the FLO.

After its creation on the Arcade Aid website, a badge recipient would use their employee ID number and the password attached to their Flynn Lives account to access the ENCOM Intranet.

Once there, the badge holder was, at one time, able to access information on various ENCOM matters, such as information on ENCOM executives like Alan Bradley and Kurt Hardington.

However, as of August 11, 2010, the ENCOM Intranet is undergoing maintenance.

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