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For the program, Dumont click here.

Dumont Shipping is a subsidiary company of ENCOM, that exclusively ships ENCOM's products all over the world.


Dumont Shipping was founded in 1963 as Telninger's and distributed products through out the tri-state area. During the next two decades, Telninger's secured many contracts with other companies and corporations, including ENCOM.

In 1990, ENCOM entered a partnership with Telninger's and became the exclusive shipper for the company. The company was renamed Dumont Shipping and has become one of the most efficient and conservative shipping companies in the world.


  • Dumont Shipping is named after, or is a nod to, Dumont, a program written by Walter Gibbs, founder of ENCOM.
  • Dumont is alwo written over Sam Flynn's garage home.

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