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Congratulations program; you just made yourself a prisoner.

—Cutler, to Beck

Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorWhite
Other information
EquipmentIdentity Disc
VehiclesLight Boat
Out of universe information
ActorLance Reddick
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

Cutler was a character in TRON: Uprising voiced by Lance Reddick.


Cutler came to Argon City after hearing about the "renegade". Cutler believed the renegade was the hero Tron and wished to join him, but was captured for the games. There he met Beck, the actual renegade, with whom he fought together with in the games and survived the first two rounds. For the final round, at the suggestion of Pavel, General Tessler pitted them against each other for the price of freedom. Cutler forfeited so that he and Beck would not have to derez each other. Tessler was unrelenting, willing to derez them both, but Paige, showing her more compassionate side, made Tessler keep his promise to the crowd and set Beck free. Cutler was not as fortunate and was to be derezzed. Beck then went on to rescue him disguised as Tron.

After a lengthy escape from Argon City that involved draw bridges and Light Boat chases, Cutler told his savior to make sure his friend Beck was thanked. Beck, as Tron, reassured him and told him that the way to help his cause was to help spread the word about the revolution and that they need recruits.

Personality and traits

Cutler was a compassionate and inspiring program who was originally programmed for aerodynamics. He wanted to defeat Clu and restore peace to the Grid.



Cutler's armband

Cutler is a very tall and slightly burly program. He is dark-skinned with a crew cut and a deep voice. He was a veteran of the ISO wars and wore an armband as a sign of his past.

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