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{{Toy Infobox
{{Toy Infobox
|image= Corerinzlerdisc.jpg
|company= [[Spin Master]]
|company= [[Spin Master]]
|release= 2010
|release= 2010

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RWbg1L This article is written from a
Real World perspective.
Core Rinzler Identity Disc
CompanySpin Master
Release Year2010
SeriesIdentity Discs: Wave 1
Based OnIdentity Disc

The Core Rinzler Identity Disc is a toy/figure of Rinzler's Identity Disc. Unlike the Deluxe version this model was meant for throwing around like a frisbee. It only has one side (as if Rinzler split it in two only the disc he split wasn't meant to be split) and is larger in size. It does not light up.

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