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Clu's Light Tank
Vehicle TypeGround assault vehicle
Armaments2 turrets
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Evolution

Clu's Light Tank is a unique Light Tank driven by Clu in light tank matches in TRON: Evolution for PSP. It has two turrets instead of one. In the gameplay, targets struck by Clu's light tank take double damage. Although this is the only tank with two turrets, the range of the projectiles fired are significantly less than those of a normal light tank. Therefore, players fighting against Clu can easily outrun and dodge his shots unless Clu obtains a power-up or is close enough to properly return fire.


Clu used the tank in the first Game Grid tournament, organized by Tron and Kevin Flynn. He fought Beta in several of the tank matches. Eventually, Clu reached the final elimination round, where he fought one on one against Beta in his tank. Clu ultimately lost to Beta, who became champion of the tournament.


  • Players can obtain the unique turret if they beat Clu in three specific matches.

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