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Flynn cesta
UsageBall launcher
UsersTron, Flynn, Crom
Behind the scenes

A Cesta is a weapon used by programs almost exclusively in a ring game. Its function is very similar to the jai alai cesta; to throw a ball at high speed against a wall and rebound the ball. In this case, the digital cesta is used to catch an energy ball and throw it at a ceiling. The opponent tries to catch the ball with his/her cesta and throw it back to their opponent in the same fashion. If one of the players of the ring game fails to catch the ball with the cesta, the ball will hit one of the segmented ring of their platform and derez. The player then must avoid the newly-made gap in their platform until the remainder of the game. Players who fail to do so will fall to their death.

Crom\'s jai hai

Crom wielding his cesta while standing on a ring platform.

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