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Bonnie macbird
Bonnie MacBird
Place of birthSan Francisco, California, USA
Awards2 Emmy Awards and 11 Cine Golden Eagles

Bonnie MacBird, along with Steven Lisberger, is the co-creator of TRON. She co-wrote the story for TRON with Lisberger and is also credited as creator of characters for TRON: Legacy.

Although MacBird has worked as an actor, her principal contributions to the film industry have been behind the scenes. She served as an executive in feature development at Universal Studios for several years in the 1970s. For ten years she was the head of Creative License/SkyBird Productions. She is the winner of two Emmy Awards and 11 Cine Golden Eagles. She is currently teaching screenwriting at UCLA.

MacBird is married to computer scientist Alan Kay, whom she met while researching TRON.

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