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You won't defeat the elite guard.

Codex char legacy Black Guard
Black Guard
Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorRed
Other information
Identity Disc
Light Grenades
Tron chute
VehiclesLight Cycle
Light Jet
AlliesClu 2
General Tessler
Out of universe information
ActorKofi Yiadom
Allen Jo
Aaron Toney
Kim Do Nguyen
AppearancesTRON: Betrayal
TRON: Evolution
TRON: Uprising
TRON: Legacy
Solar Sailer Prisoners
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Black Guards (Elite Guards in TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids) are the upgraded version of the original guard programs. They often operate in teams of four.


Black Guards are the commando elite of Clu's forces and also serve as his personal guard. They are a deadly force to be reckoned with, as they are prepared for any mission with their advanced fighting skills and their sheer numbers. After Rinzler, they are the most vicious programs on the Grid.

Black Guards have red-orange circuitry, and for head-gear they wear jet black helmets that cover the entirety of their faces.

Black Guards are well equipped for combat, regularly being in possession of Batons, Light Grenades, and Identity Discs. Their batons are stored on their arms and are used to expand their armament with various additional weapons such as a sword, or staff, and the two halves can also separate to form a pair of dual nightstick weapons. The grenades are kept within easy reach clamped to their thighs.

Black Guards commonly use Recognizers for transportation, and on occasion will air drop from these aircraft using dorsal Tron chutes attached to their backs. Many Black Guards can use their batons to provide personal transportation by generating Light Cycles, or Light Jets.

It is unknown whether the Black Guard existed during Flynn's rule of the Grid as they only appeared after Clu started his rebellion.

TRON: Evolution

Outside of the movie canon, some Black Guards are encountered wielding a personal riot shield. They make great use of their Tron chute wings to overpower their opponents, making them a tough enemy for beginner players of TRON: Evolution.



The Black Guard first appeared when Clu began his rebellion to destroy the ISOs. Clu and a team of Black Guards ambushed Tron and Flynn, with Tron fighting off the guards while Clu dealt with Flynn. Ultimately, Tron was able to defeat all four guards easily.

The guards assisted Clu in the Great Purge, hunting and killing every ISO in the streets. Some of the guards fought Anon, a prototype system monitor program who was assisting the ISOs in the Purge. According to Quorra, it was mostly thanks to the Black Guards that Clu won the war against the ISOs.


In 2010, Clu had taken complete control of the Grid and the guards continued to serve as Clu's personal guard. They were dispatched to recapture Sam Flynn at the End of Line Club, sparking a chaotic fight also involving various rebellious patrons taking Sam's side. The clientele of the establishment were easily overpowered and the guards' superior numbers had Sam outmatched until the timely arrival of Kevin Flynn and Quorra. Two guards were able to maim Quorra before Kevin could intervene, his power interfering with their processes so that the club patron could gain the upper hand. A lone guard was then able to snatch the identity disc from Kevin's back as he escaped, only to have it taken once when Castor derezzed him from behind.

Four more black guards accompanied Clu during his visit to the End of Line Club. After a conversation between Castor and Clu, they planted charges in the club, before abandoning it and Castor to their fates. Four guards also fought with Clu during the Light Jet fight over the Sea of Simulation against the Flynns and Quorra. All of Clu's escort were killed in the battle.

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